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Call for Proposals for Invited Oral Presentations

Once the system preparations are complete, the Event Administrator/SS sends an e-mail to the various committees (usually OC/SPC/SAB) via the Organization/Roles Setup interface. Click on the pencil icon close to the chosen role to send an email:

Another way of doing this is the Organization/Participant Roles. Click on "Filter role" to de-select the roles not needed, select all and click on "Send emails":

Compose the e-mail, using the available placeholders at the bottom of the page. In the mail ensure the submitters receive clear instructions on how to enter proposals. For IPAC, proposers do not normally propose themselves as speakers. It is usual for SPC members to have been briefed by the Chair that they represent their fields of expertise. They do not represent their laboratories. Proposals should privilege the most topical work in their field of interest to the whole community.

A log of all e-mails sent may be found in the interface Reports / Logs. Select "Emails" to view those sent:

Once the email are sent the workflow for the Submission of Proposals for Invited Oral Presentations can be started. Instructions for SAB/OC/SPC are also published in this manual, so it would be useful to link them in the text of the email.